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A teenage Irish citizen imprisoned in Cairo for nearly a year now (Aug 2013), has been tortured and has yet to even be charged with anything -same with many others in his prison.

“He was arrested and detained by the military government in Egypt – to date no formal charges have been served on him,” he said. “The teenager is expected to appear before one of Egypt’s notorious mass trials on July 16th.”

Ibrahim is the son of Sheikh Hussein Halawa, Imam of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland at Clonskeagh in Dublin.

The Halawas arrived in Cairo with their mother for an annual family holiday several weeks before president Mohamed Morsi was ousted by the army in July last year.

Ibrahim was arrested with his sisters Soumaia (28), Fatima (23) and Omaima (21) during the clashes between supporters of Morsi and [Sisi] security forces last August .

The three sisters were released three months later, following sustained pressure by the Irish Government.

Video request of Ibrahim’s release:

This page has more info: & it suggests signing this petition for release:

Photo info (Irish Times):
“Omaima (left) Fatima and Somaia Halawa, sisters of Ibrahim Halawa (18), who is in prison in Egypt. Photograph: Aidan Crawley”

#PrisonerSolidarity #FreeAllPoliticalPrisoners

Temporary Ceasefire Agreement Reached

The UN put forth a ceasefire proposal that Israel and Hamas were resorted to agree to; while Obama and Blair seem to be fixated on the proposal by Egypt, as that’s where they declare support. Perhaps it’s just the way it’s reported in this particular article, but it caught our attention because since the coup took place in Egypt, the regime has been Israel’s bestest new buddy in oppressing Palestinians and it’s suspected to be the primary reason why military aid from the US to Egypt resumed so quickly.

Just moments ago and minutes before the ceasefire was top begin, we retweeted (via @PRUradio) several reports of bombing in Gaza and resulting deaths. So after all Israel’s hyperbole about how Hamas has supposedly caused more bombs to rain down on Gaza by not accepting the Egyptian proposal, Israel is at it again just moments before the ceasefire officially begins, AFTER Hamas agreed to it. Eight people are reported to have been killed:

In other disgusting, related news, the US State Department had the audacity to blame Palestinians for their own children’s death: So what kind of propaganda BS are they going to offer up now, in response to Israel continuing its reign of terror after agreeing to this temporary truce?

Of course, the hope is that the temporary ceasefire can be made long-term. So far, there are reported to be these 10 conditions offered by Palestinian factions for a 10 year ceasefire/truce agreement:

"By Tuesday afternoon, more than 780,000 comments had been submitted to the regulator over its proposed ‘open internet’ rules that have cable companies, politicians, consumers and activists at loggerheads over the future of the internet.

Thousands more submissions were expected before the planned deadline of midnight Tuesday, as activists and consumer groups rallied supporters to lobby the FCC to moved: protect ‘net neutrality’ - the concept that all traffic on the internet should be treated equally – and stop cable companies setting up high-speed ‘fast lanes’ for some customers.

The FCC, which has struggled to get Congress to fund an upgrade to its antiquated systems, has now extended the deadline to midnight Friday [July 18th]. A second round of comments on the original submissions will then begin, ending in September, with the FCC expected to make its ruling by the end of the year.”

Learn more and submit your comment to the FCC here:

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is also an excellent resource, for any rights related to online activity actually and that’s lots of info on their website about Net Neutrality too. The latest news from the EFF is they just joined 35 other organizations that are petitioning Obama to veto the cybersecurity bill known as CISA, because as the coalition’s letter states:

CISA fails to offer a comprehensive solution to cybersecurity threats. Further, the bill contains inadequate protections for privacy and civil liberties. Accordingly, we request that you promptly pledge to veto CISA.


CISA presents many of the same problems the Administration previously identified with CISPA in its veto threat. Privacy experts have pointed out how CISA would damage the privacy and civil liberties of users.

The EFF adds:

As we’ve emphasized in the past, the bill fails to provide privacy protections for Internet users and allows information sharing in a wide variety of circumstances that could potentially harm journalists and whistleblowers. Like its previous iterations, it also contains overbroad immunity from lawsuits for corporations that share information. As the letter points out, it even contains “a broad new categorical exemption from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, the first since the Act’s passage in 1966.”

This post was sourced in large part by a FB post, by our friends at House of Cards, seen here:




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People who go “both countries are at fault”


What they think they sound like:

“I’m so rational. The truth is somewhere in the middle, they’re both wrong. I’m so nuanced and enlightened with my views.”

What they actually sound like:

“History and context are things that do not exist to me. In whatever dimension I exist in, I believe that there is an equivalence between an advanced occupying army that is notorious for war crimes, and an occupied brutalized population.”


i’m interested in the histories that precede big spectacular moments of revolt. what were kids up to? how were revolt inciting or justifying ideas and narratives spread? like socially and materially what was up? people always talk about revolt springing forward out of nowhere but that further…

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